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OVRKST MUSIC FOR A CLOUDY DAY is a music production & publishing company started by Stephon T. Smith, also known as Överkast. This company was designed to become a home for the casual artist or musician who needs the business acumen to take their work to the next level.

Night Ride

Night Ride is a three-piece alternative rock band composed of members Chris Lovrovich, Corey Johnson, and Brendan John. Their musical influences consist of Fall Out BoyAll Time Low , RushDream TheaterMetallica, etc. Based out of the Baltimore area, these guys are ready to shake up the rock scene in a big way. Their music combines both hard rock and alternative rock with elements of prog music to create a unique sound that is revolutionary to the changing standards of rock music. Night Ride also works closely with OVRKST MUSIC FOR A CLOUDY to produce and release their music. Check out their first full-length album, Chaos Theory, and follow their socials/YouTube to stay up to date on performances and new releases.

Chaos Theory Front.v4.png


As an artist and music producer, I make sure that the reason why I do what I do is never superficial. DÖN'T DÖ IT FÖR THE FAME is meant to serve as a reminder and a message that I do this not to get famous but to showcase a perspective on life through music and to also get paid. I am still working on both, but I am further than I was before, which is always the goal.

My first album as an amateur recording artist and producer was. It recounts a selected number of stories and events that took place during my time abroad in Lyon, France, in 2018. There is a dialogue between me and a couple of friends throughout the album talking it all out. Have a listen why don't ya.

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